87% of married Indian women are exhausted. Do you know why?

A married Indian woman, either as a mother or as a wife, daily goes through a rigorous routine to maintaining our home. Do you know that over 87% of average Indian married women feel stressed out or exhausted?

There are multiple reasons why.
We’ve identified a few core areas that exhaust a married woman the most, in India. A closer look will make you feel that you can do much more than finding a solution for them.

1. Lack of time:
From making us coffee in the morning, to preparing food, cleaning the house to washing clothes and so on, an average Indian woman spends about 400 minutes on household chores each day.
And do you know where a major chunk of this time goes into? Cleaning, be it the floor, the beds, the vessels. It takes a lot to maintain good hygiene.

2. Modern Day Laziness:
Do you know how much time an Indian man spends on household chores in a day? 19 minutes. Isn’t that painfully shocking?
Technology and entertainment have made people so lazy that the floor has unknowingly become the dustbin and the bed, a dining table.
The debris on the bed acts as a breeding ground for bacteria, unknowingly and slowly harming our own health.

3. Maintaining Hygiene.
Mothers are more concerned about their family’s well being than anybody else. Do you know that dangerous diseases such as Cholera, multiple diarrhea, malaria or dengue, could just be prevented with a clean and hygienic environment around you?
It’s highly important to prevent water logging, to dispose of waste quickly and to keep the dust dusted off from the shelves, to prevent any possible breeding ground for the pathogens around.

Your mothers’ constant rant about cleanliness is not without reason. It’s always better to clear out the hotspot for the bacteria and germs and prevent any diseases than be sorry about it later.

4. The growing danger of evolving germs around us:
In the last decade, not only has the pollution and the dust particles gone up, but the germs present in the environment has evolved alarmingly. These microbes are more resilient, multiply quicker and are difficult to get rid of, which makes curing diseases caused by them a daunting task.
They are dangerous and the diseases they can cause are frightening.
It’s a challenge to consistently maintain the hygiene so as to shield ourselves from the harmful bacteria and the germs.

It’s time we appreciate the superwoman that the Indian women are, either as a mother or as a wife and help them out in their effort to make us remain clean and healthy.

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How to Deep Clean Your House in 7 Days

Deep Cleaning Your Home

You have decided that it is time to get your house in order and to keep it clean. After you have followed my plan for decluttering your home, you are ready to give it a deep cleaning. If your housekeeping has been neglected for awhile, or if you have just moved in to a pre-owned house, this may be a big project. You may be able to knock it out in one weekend, but if not, follow my 7 day plan for deep cleaning your home.

Once you are done, you can follow my weekly cleaning schedule to keep it sparkling and beautiful. You will be amazed to discover how much a clean home positively affects your mood and those in your family.

Cleaning a Microwave

Take the plate or tray out of the microwave to wash and dry. Wipe out oven with an all-purpose cleaner.

Day 1: How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Generally your kitchen needs cleaning every time after meal or cooking. For the deep cleaning, your need is to not just focusing on small stuff but a keen focus on the large appliances, which will cover all your kitchen space. Here are few items that will need special focused attention.

  • Refrigerator – Starting at the top, take everything out, cleaning each shelf (partitians )as you go. If a shelf is removable, take it out and clean it with warm soapy water(avoid detergents). Most drawers(cabinets)(racks) are removable and should also be washed(cleaned) this way. Don’t forget the small shelves inside the door. Wipe down the outside of the fridge, paying special attention to the handles.
  • Oven – If you do not have a self-cleaning oven, use a cleaner such as Easy Off. For standard ovens, consider lining the bottom with aluminum foil for easier future cleaning. This will not work with convection ovens.
  • Microwave – Take out any removable trays and wash in warm, soapy water. Wipe out and scrub if necessary with an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Small appliances – Clean out all the crumbs in your toaster and toaster oven. Wipe down the surfaces of all small appliances.
  • Cabinets, shelves, drawers – Grab a damp rag and clean spots, spills and splatters with an all-purpose cleaner like Fantastic. This is a job kids can help with.
  • Counter-tops – remove everythingfrom the counters and wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner. 

Cleaning the Shower


Day 2: How to Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms can get pretty nasty if they have not been cleaned regularly. The problems areas will most likely be the tub and shower. Follow these tips for deep cleaning your bathrooms:

  • Showers/tubs – If you have a shower caddy, take it out and wash it. It may even need to be replaced. Clean the shower head with an old toothbrush and bathroom cleaner, like Soft Scrub. You may need some heavy duty cleaners for soap scum build-up or mildew stains. The toothbrush works well on tub jets and other small, hard-to-reach places.
  • Sinks and counter-tops – Take everything off of the counter and wipe down with a bathroom cleaner. Use a toothbrush to scrub away dirt around the drains and faucets.
  • toilet – Squirt some cleaner into the toilet, swish it around with the toilet brush, and leave it to soak awhile to fight any stains.
  • Cabinets and drawers – wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner.

Day 3: How to Deep Clean Your Bedrooms

If your bedrooms have already been decluttered, then this job will not take too long. The dust bunnies have nowhere to hide. These are a few tips for deep cleaning bedrooms:

  • You might be surprised to see all the dust that collects on the backs of furniture such as dressers. Use your vacuum cleaner attachments to reach these spots.
  • Clean all mirrors with a little glass cleaner.
  • Wipe down the headboards, footboards, and bedposts of all your beds. 

Deep Cleaning Blinds

Wipe blinds down with a damp cloth.

Day 4: How to Deep Clean Your Drapes and Blinds

Your vacuum cleaner attachments can be very handy for cleaning drapes and blinds on a regular basis, but if they are really dirty, you may need to take a different approach. Here are some tips:

  • Drapes may need to come down to be washed.
  • Blinds will have to be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Don’t forget to wipe down the window sills as well.
  • Take the time to give your windows a good cleaning with Windex or another glass cleaner.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Wipe ceiling fan blades with a damp microfiber cloth.

Day 5: How to Deep Clean Your Light Fixtures and Fans

A feather duster is not going to be good enough to get rid of thick dust on ceiling fans and light fixtures. Here are some tips on how to deal with these hard to reach areas:

  • Use a ladder to reach ceiling fans and high light fixtures. Be careful as you wipe the dust clumps up.
  • You will need a slightly damp microfiber cloth or rag.
  • If a light fixture is very dirty or has bugs trapped inside, you will need to take it down and wash it out.
  • Check light bulbs to see if any need to be replaced.

Vacuuming Floors

Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to reach under cabinets in the kitchen and other tough spots.

Day 6: How to Deep Clean Your Floors

After you vacuum and mop your floors, you may still notice a build-up in corners and around the edges of the floors. There is no easy way about this – you will need to get on all fours with a damp rag and wipe this up. These are some basic tips on cleaning your floors:

  • Use a broom or vacuum cleaner attachment to get under all furniture and in hard-to-reach places.
  • For mopping, use a small amount of cleaner in warm water and a damp (not drenched) mop.
  • While you are working on the floor edges and corners, wipe down all the baseboards as well.

Spring Cleaning a Porch

You will enjoy your porch after it has been deep cleaned.

Day 7: How to Deep Clean Your Porch

Now that the inside of your home is really clean, it is time to work on your porch. Dust, pollen, and bugs have taken over, so here are some tips to deep clean your porch:

  • If you have water-resistant porch furniture, move it out to the yard or driveway and spray it down with the water hose.
  • For cushions and pillows, spot clean them or wash them if the fabric covers are removable.
  • Use a pole duster to get rid of spider webs.
  • Wipe down any glass table tops with glass cleaner.
  • While the furniture is drying, use a blower or broom to sweep out all the dirt, bugs, and leaves.
  • Using a water-hose nozzle, jet sprays the entire porch. Use a scrub brush for stubborn spots.
  • Wipe down any railings or woodwork.
  • Replace furniture when everything is dry.

Clean Home

You are ready to entertain guests in your beautiful, clean home