Cleanliness, a Human Need

The importance of cleanliness in our daily lives is massive. It is no longer just necessary to be clean, it is also necessary to keep the surroundings clean.
For years together, our country has been mocked for, along with several other economical reasons, its cleanliness levels as well. We’re known as a country that gives little importance to the surroundings in terms of neatness.

From throwing out garbage from our cars onto the roads to spitting or defacating in the open, we’ve always given least importance to cleanliness in our lives. All this of course changed, with our prime minister taking lead with his swatch Bharat initiative.

We’re slowly now taking the cleanliness from our houses to our societies, and to our neighborhood and surroundings, that aren’t very immediate to us, as well. But do you know that people are still finding it hard to allocate time to keep their surroundings clean? Did you know that people are actually spending an extra two hours per day, trying to keep their houses and nearby areas clean, by not actually dumping waste in the easiest available area? We’ve pondered upon the same and have arrived at the best possible solution. Cleanliness is an extension to the way of one’s life. We just have to carry forward what we do at home, to the outside
world, without having to spend extra time on the same.

Here are a few tips to keep yourselves and your surroundings clean, without having to spend more time:

1. Always carry a small poly-bag
Recycled paper bag would be just great. Use it to throw in little pieces of trash instead of always having to rush to the dustbin.

2. Compost pit
This could be your ideal exercise on a Sunday. It’s cheap, useful, and your best friend if you have a green thumb.You can collect and separate out your food scraps before you head for the garbage.

3. Use Fabric Bags
Instead of getting things from your vegetable vendor in a zillion tiny polythene bags, carry your own fabric bag when you go shopping. This would help in not having to dump away unnecessary and excess number of polythene bags. The lesser the waste generated, the more time you save.

4. Segregate waste at home in 3 separate bins
All you’ve to do is to buy three dust bins and use them to dump your waste in, everyday. Using three bins instead of one helps to segregate the waste and makes it easier to recycle them or to turn them into compost.

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