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ocsAt Radiance Space Solutions we understand floors, their variety, beauty and unique characteristics. Our team is extensively trained and experienced in different type’s floor polishing like stone polishing, diamond polishing, granite polishing and rug shampooing. We not only have a strong commitment towards cleaning and maintenance but also for educating people about taking proper care of their beautiful flooring.

Important Facts about Floor Polishing

There are many important misconceptions about floors and as a leading provider of floor polishing services in Delhi, we are happy to clear them up for you.

There is a myth that marble is a hard stone that requires no maintenance. However scientific analysis says that stone can stain, crack and scratch if subjected to stress. No matter what quality of stone you use, it still needs proper maintenance depending upon its type, place of use and the frequency of its use.

If you have installed stone (Indian, Italian or Greek) at your home of offices, which are not maintained by professional staff, there are high chances of cracks, acidic spills, scratching, etching and discoloration due to lack of knowledge and awareness. The pristine beauty of stone has to be maintained by special methods of cleaning, maintaining and floor polishing which are extensively used by Radiance Space Solutions for various residential and commercial clients.

Keeping hard floors spotless can be a real challenge and we at Radiance Space solutions specialize in meeting this challenge. Our special floor enhancement processes for concrete floor cleaning, kota stone cleaning, mosaic floor cleaning, granite floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning & cemented floor cleaning solutions will revive the visual glory and restore the original beauty of your home/ office floors. Each process is unique and includes scrubbing and sanitization of the flooring followed by their respective polishing treatments (where applicable).

Similarly, the wooden floors are pre treated and stains are removed after thorough sanitization of the baseboards leaving the surface gleaming and completely dirt free. We also have a unique range special wooden floor polishes that give a glossy or matte shine, depending upon the color of your wooden flooring and also provide anti skid support, hence making it safe for occupants.

Recent surveys showcase that an average home contains approximately 200,000 bacteria per carpeted square feet while the average office has more than 350,000 bacteria per square feet. We at Radiance Space Solutions use our special injection and extraction technology combined with advanced single disc and foam generating machines for our rug shampooing services to extract traces of pathogenic life from your carpets hence making them safe and hygienic. Our treatments are highly effective and substantially reduce the rug drying time, hence making your floor ready for usage in a few hours. As the carpets have hair piles, which store dirt and dust particles from the shoes of the visitors, and hence combined with moisture in the air becomes a breeding ground for infection. Thus development of a regular and constant rug maintenance schedule is recommended for all office and residential spaces ensure hygiene, visual enhancement of beauty and longevity of your rug.

How We Can Help

If you possess a beautiful stone, granite walls, floors, skirting’s or any other accessory then you will want it to maintain its original beauty. In case you notice etchings, discoloration or cracks then you should immediately give us a call. As the leading Floor Polishing Services provider in Delhi we have a team of specially trained professional rug cleaners, floor polishers and stone specialists who can return your precious floor to its original lovely state.

1. We have specially curated processes for repairing, refining, protecting and restoring floor surfaces that have been perfected after years of extensive research. A mere look at a sample of our work will convince you that Radiance Space Solutions is the right choice when it comes to floor maintenance, repair and enhancement.

2. When our team visits your home we do a thorough inspection of your floor surfaces (both carpeted and none carpeted) to understand the color, texture and quality. We use different cleaning techniques to take care of different kinds of floorings.

3. We make sure that you understand the significance of the technique that we are using. Post the cleaning we also guide you on the future maintenance process that you should follow.

4. Our unique customer centric policy enables us to handle each client as special. Be it stone maintenance tips of safety & quality advice; you get it all from us for free when our team visits your home. We believe in a long-term symbiotic relationship, which does not end with the delivery of the service alone.

5. We are experts at maintaining and restoring all types of stone floorings, which require special care. Different varieties of stone should undergo crystallization treatment (Once in 12 – 18 months) and Maintained (Quarterly or once in two months, depending upon footfall) with special treatments for preserving its unique gloss and making them look new throughout their life.

6. We use imported, high quality single disc machine along with top of the line powder crystallizer and diamond grits that can achieve superlative gloss and also perfectly removes scratches.

At Radiance Space Solutions we also specialize in rug cleaning services in Gurgaon, floor polishing services Delhi and floor cleaning services.

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Radiance provides professional Deep Cleaning, Furniture enhancement and Upholstery cleaning, Floor enhancement, fabric protection and paint treatment services to corporates, premium residences and commercial establishments through solutions based on technology, industry insight and customization.

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List of Services are Deep Cleaning, Floor Enhancement, Furniture Enhancement & Upholstery Cleaning, Fabric Protection Treatment, Paint Treatment. Our team uses high grade cleaning products and tools to deeply clean environments for optimal results.

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