Furniture Enhancement and Upholstery cleaning

Home Cleaning There are a few items on your premises that require special attention – high-end furniture and fittings that are made with high quality materials such as leather, suede, marble, special woods. There could also be delicate items like imported chairs, sofas, tables etc.

Home CleaningSuch items require special cleaning agents and machinery along with sensitive handling by the service crew as they intensively sanitise and uplift the visual appeal.

Home CleaningCompanies make significant capex on furniture, but due to excessive or improper use, these items age fast, and need replacement. Our service has been designed to enhance the look and life of your furniture, so you can avoid the need for replacement.

Home CleaningAfter scrubbing and stain removal, we apply a thin layer of special polish (depending upon the material surface) which is then evenly spread, and an automated hand buffing machine with special pads is used at high speed to enhance the shine.

Home CleaningTo service this need for carpet & upholstery Radiance’s unique injection-extraction cleaning process and deep scrubbing helps eradicate all dust mites, sweat and other stains, and germs. Then a low pressure upholstery vacuum is used to extract the cleaning residue and rapidly dries the fabric. This restores the original glory of the product, making it as beautiful as new.

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Radiance provides professional Deep Cleaning, Furniture enhancement and Upholstery cleaning, Floor enhancement, fabric protection and paint treatment services to corporates, premium residences and commercial establishments through solutions based on technology, industry insight and customization.

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List of Services are Deep Cleaning, Floor Enhancement, Furniture Enhancement & Upholstery Cleaning, Fabric Protection Treatment, Paint Treatment. Our team uses high grade cleaning products and tools to deeply clean environments for optimal results.

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