87% of Married Indian Women are Exhausted. Do You Know Why?

A married Indian woman, either as a mother or as a wife, daily goes through a rigorous routine to maintaining our home. Do you know that over 87% of average Indian married women feel stressed out or exhausted?

There are multiple reasons why.

We’ve identified a few core areas that exhaust a married woman the most, in India. A closer look will make you feel that you can do much more than finding a solution for them.

1. Lack of time:

From making us coffee in the morning, to preparing food, cleaning the house to washing clothes and so on, an average Indian woman spends about 400 minutes on household chores each day. And do you know where a major chunk of this time goes into? Cleaning, be it the floor, the beds, the vessels. It takes a lot to maintain good hygiene. Investing in house cleaning services is thus relieves you from spending hours on cleaning activities while gets the task done in no time!

2. Modern Day Laziness:

Do you know how much time an Indian man spends on household chores in a day? 19 minutes. Isn’t that painfully shocking?
Technology and entertainment have made people so lazy that the floor has unknowingly become the dustbin and the bed, a dining table.
The debris on the bed acts as a breeding ground for bacteria, unknowingly and slowly harming our own health.

3. Maintaining Hygiene.

Mothers are more concerned about their family’s well being than anybody else. Do you know that dangerous diseases such as Cholera, multiple diarrhea, malaria or dengue, could just be prevented with a clean and hygienic environment around you?
It’s highly important to prevent water logging, to dispose of waste quickly and to keep the dust dusted off from the shelves, to prevent any possible breeding ground for the pathogens around.

Your mothers’ constant rant about cleanliness is not without reason. It’s always better to clear out the hotspot for the bacteria and germs and prevent any diseases than be sorry about it later.

4. The growing danger of evolving germs around us:

In the last decade, not only has the pollution and the dust particles gone up, but the germs present in the environment has evolved alarmingly. These microbes are more resilient, multiply quicker and are difficult to get rid of, which makes curing diseases caused by them a daunting task.

They are dangerous and the diseases they can cause are frightening. It’s a challenge to consistently maintain the hygiene so as to shield ourselves from the harmful bacteria and the germs.

It’s time we appreciate the superwoman that the Indian women are, either as a mother or as a wife and help them out in their effort to make us remain clean and healthy.

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