A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods but not in your office carpet

We love monsoon season in India! The weather change, the sunsets they create and the brief temperature cool down- it’s a nice break from the three digit temperatures. But with the much needed rainfall, comes the mess.

Flooded streets, high winds and slower commutes are just some of the mess the rain brings. As much fun as playing in a puddle sounds, having to walk through a parking lot lake and getting your shoes and pant legs wet is not ideal, especially when those shoes comes right through your Office carpet.

So how can you maintain your Office carpets during the monsoon season? We have the top 3 tips for monsoon carpet clean up:

Vacuum frequently 

Vacuuming your carpets more than normal can help pick up particles from dust storms and keep carpets dry, especially in high traffic areas of your home. This can prevent dirt and mud from turning into mould and creating unwanted odours in your Office.

The most important issue would be to make sure that the moisture in your carpet is dried immediately. Dusting your carpets with a broom before vacuuming will bring up deeper loose particles that will make your vacuuming more effective and easier for monsoon carpet clean up

Spot Clean 

Spot cleaning high traffic areas at least twice a week can prevent permanent stains on your carpets. For this to be most effective, utilizing low moisture technics and cleaning products are best.

Damp sections of carpet can be hard for monsoon carpet clean up, so spot cleaning or using carpet protectants during raining seasons are an effective way to prevent mould and odours. 

Hire professional carpet cleaners 

Spot cleaning and vacuuming aren’t enough all the times and it is necessary to spa your carpet immediately after monsoons, you can call our trusted team at Radiance Space Solutions! If you have any large area Carpet, Radiance Space is there to help. One of the more delicate items that we deal with is area Carpet cleaning. Area Carpets are a very expensive investment and with proper cleaning and care, they can last quite a while. We clean regular area Carpets at an affordable rate. 

The rain and dust storms create dirt and mud which make your carpets dirty, very quickly, but monsoons can also cause a lot of damage to your carpet. Radiance Carpet Spa services can prevent you from having to replace large portions of flooring or an entire Office. We have the ability to make your soiled, mud trotted carpets look like new with our professional grade cleaning equipment. Our prices are very competitive and we back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Stop tracking in monsoon rain water and letting the muddy soles ruin your carpet, call us today for a stain treatment that protects your flooring!

Post Author: radiancespace