Hygiene Habits to Bollywood

Being clean is essential, both personally as well as a part of the society. Personal hygiene comes ?rst followed by your surroundings. But quite often, laziness comes in our way between cleanliness. How do we overcome that? How about some inspiration from our own Bollywood stars.

How clean are our stars really, in their real lives? Do they keep their houses as clean, or is it yet another PR stunt? Let’s have a look:

1. Deepika Padukone:

To put it bluntly, Deepika is a cleanliness freak. Everything around her has to be neat and clean, always. What more, she even insists on cleaning her friends’ place as well! For her cleanliness, every mom would love to have her as a daughter, and every guy, as a neighbor.

2. Vidya Balan:

Our famous Dirty Picture heroine isn’t so dirty at all! What more, Vidya is said to be very much obsessed with cleanliness.
She keeps her home spick and span, and doesn’t take‘dirt’ from anyone, including her husband. Sidharth better keep his slippers outside now!

3. Ayushman Khurana:

We all brush our teeth twice a day, don’t we? At least we try to. But the Vicky Donor star, Ayushman Khurana really enjoys brushing his teeth as often as possible! Now that explains his amazing smile, doesn’t it?

4. Priety Zinta:

One of the ?rst things we have to keep clean is our bathroom. But here’s someone who’s turned it into an obsession. Preity Zinta, former Bollywood heartthrob, has a habit of cleaning her bathroom before and after use. Despite humorous rumors in the tinsel town regarding her habit, she’s not stopped from cleaning her bathrooms. We’ve got one headstrong lady here, haven’t we?

Surely, Bollywood is filled with cleanliness. And what an inspiration it would be to take from, and to learn from. This is why our stars can teach us much more than acting.

What are you waiting for? Start sweeping and remove off the dirt right under your carpet. Wash off the old clothes. Get obsessed by cleanliness like never before.

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