Professional Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR

How would you feel if a relative drops in at your place suddenly and comes across dirty sofas and carpets? It would be embarrassing, right? Carpet and sofas have become more of a necessity instead of luxury for every household. Not just do they complement the ambience of your home but, also increase its aesthetic value.

You will be glad to know that professional carpet and sofa cleaning services can be hired for keeping them spick and span. Routine maintenance is necessary to increase the life of both the aesthetics. If you are looking for sofa or carpet cleaning services in Delhi, there are various service providers that you can look for using varied sources.


Sofa Cleaning Services in Delhi

However, before you can hire carpet or sofa cleaning services, it is crucial to understand why are they important? Take a look.

1) Health – Related Benefits: 

Carpets and sofas tend to trap a lot of dirt in them along with a variety of bacterias and allergens. Such contaminants can give rise to nose, sinus and breathing – related problems. Vacuuming is certainly an important part of maintaining the hygiene of your carpet and sofa but it is not the all-round solution. The contaminants have accumulated over a time and would go away only with the help of professional grade products and sanitizers. You can hire carpet cleaning services in Gurgaon to get rid of all the above – mentioned contaminants permanently. The carpet cleaning service providers will also be able to help you with the dry cleaning of your sofa.

2) Prevention is cure:

Professional carpet and sofa cleaning services can help in diminishing or eliminating infestations caused due to dust mites. Indeed almost every home is infected with dust mites but homeowners hardly realize the presence of these microscopic creatures. Carpets and sofas that have dust mites are at high risk of developing molds on them. The team of Sofa and carpet cleaning services in Gurgaon are equipped with the right kind of tools to deal with these microscopic allergens. Also, they will help you get rid of any other contaminants that occur due to humidity during rainy seasons.

3) Foul Odors:

Apart from eliminating a variety of contaminants and allergens, carpet and sofa cleaning services also help you to deal with foul odors in the two aesthetics. These odors may arise as a reason of pet urine and faeces. You can have a really hard time removing them except with the help of professional sofa or carpet cleaning services in Gurgaon.  These cleaning service providers have patented methods of eliminating odor from sofas, carpets, etc.

4) Clean to look at: 

Vacuuming and spot cleaning indeed are effective ways to maintain the hygiene of your sofas and carpets. However, hiring professional cleaning services at least twice a year will help in removal of unwanted stains and odors at the same time dry-cleaning the carpet or sofa.

5) Long – life: 

The professional cleaners are well trained and ensure none of your products are damaged. Also, regular cleaning will help improve the life of your sofas and carpets as they would be free from any contaminants. A hefty investment goes into buying carpets and sofas. Hence, you should make sure that they are properly cared for by hiring professional sofa and carpet cleaning services in Gurgaon.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

How are sofas and carpets cleaned? 

Professional carpet and sofa cleaners adopt the following steps for cleaning:

  1. Vacuuming:

    A powerful vacuum cleaner is used to rid the carpets and sofa from dust mites, particles, allergen and all other forms of reactants and impurities. After the process of vacuuming the surface of the carpet and sofa are cleaned.

  2. Injecting:

    The next steps involves injecting the carpets and sofas with various cleaning agents and then they are rubbed deeper with help of soft brushes.

  3. Extracting: 

    Extracting is followed by the process of vacuuming and injecting. In this process, the cleaning agents are extracted out of the carpet and sofa using a water jet or wet vacuum cleaner.

If you are particular about maintaining the health and hygiene of your sofas and carpets, hiring the services of professional cleaners would be a total value for money option.

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