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Did you know that only 54% of the women in India clean the washroom once a week? And the percentage is even lesser at 34% in the case of men.

Did you know that the germ risk in your toilet can be dangerous health wise, with the possibility of causing diarrhoea, nausea and even fatigue and weight loss?!

The primary reason for not cleaning one’s washroom regularly, in the Indian households, was found to be the lack of time. Worry not, founded to help such families is Radiance, with its professional and experienced staff and the latest technology, making your bathroom spick and span in a jiffy!

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

With trained and professional staff, you can sit back and relax as we take care of your bathrooms! Our Bathroom cleaners undergo an exhaustive training module after enrolment along with proper background verification. They are taught as per the modern, urban living and varied space layouts.

Some of the services we offer under the washroom cleaning, include:

Bathroom cleaning Services   Deep Bathroom Cleaning, which includes:

    washroom cleaning Services   Flush Cleaning

    washroom cleaning Delhi   Tile Rinsing

    washroom cleaning Noida   Tap & Faucets

    washroom cleaning Services Gurgaon   Sink & Shower Cubicles

    Bathroom cleaning Services   Wall Tiles

    Bathroom cleaning Services Delhi   WCs’

    Bathroom cleaning Services Noida   Hard Water Steam

    Bathroom cleaning Services Gurgaon   Water Scaling

  Steam Sterilisation

  Customised services on request

Steam Sterilisation

To take care of the stubborn germs especially at the germ prone areas, we use an advanced methodology called Steam Sterilisation. We expose the area to steam, heating the water to over 140 Degrees and exposing the area to this high temperature steam, which would sterilise the area, helping us clean it easily.

Our budget friendly bathroom cleaning solution has been appreciated and received well by the people of Delhi and Gurgaon. We understand your requirement and needs along with your time schedules better and more professional than anyone else. Help us keep you hale and hearty!

Remember, prevention is better than cure and keeping your washroom clean and neat is a must in your safety precautions! All you've to do is to click and order, for an effective, fast and budget friendly washroom cleaning service!

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