Furniture Polishing Services

Furniture polishing and cleaning services are essential for restoring the original beauty of your woodwork and upholstery for residential or commercial needs. However good the furniture quality is, with time pieces of furniture will surely lose their sheen. If the furniture is painted, then the paint tends to peel off and the pieces are left looking old and shabby. If neglected for a long time internal degradation takes place and very soon the furniture has to be replaced. Investing in good quality new furniture is an expensive affair and a much more sensible solution is to avail the customised furniture polishing services in Delhi and cleaning solutions offered by Radiance Space Solutions >

What makes us Special!!!

We have a system of assessing the range of furniture you possess in your home/ office and then devising the cleaning/ restoration/ polishing methods that will be used.

If there are delicate items like imported chairs or antique wood pieces or suede finishing then we use customised and scientifically proven cleaning methods that will protect and enhance the beauty of your furniture.

Each member of our cleaning crew has received intensive training in using cleaning agents, sensitised handling and proper safety processes. Our staff working with sofa cleaning services in Bangalore and sofa cleaning services in Delhi treats your home with the respect and love that it deserves.

We service a range of institutions from homes to offices to hospices to stores and hotels. Whatever your furniture cleaning and polishing needs are; they are sure to be accommodated here.

Upholstery Cleaning

we possess a range of special processes like Radiance Injection Extraction Cleaning and intensive scrubbing that are capable of removing even the stubbornest stains, sweat patches, germs and dust mites. Our specially procured low pressure upholstery vacuums are excellent at residue cleaning and also dries up the fabric fast. We clean all kinds of upholstery fabric right from Haitian Cotton, Jacquard, Velvet, Foam to special fabric blends. Our cleaning team assesses the upholstery mix in your home/ office and then decides on the suitable cleaning processes.

We have globally recognised revolutionary cleaning technology like automated hand buffed machines with specially designed pads as these can be used at super high speeds for quick shine generation.

Wood Furniture Cleaning and Polishing

We ensure the longevity of your wood furniture by cleaning with mild organic cleansers. Our scientifically proven effective technique restores the beauty of wood without damaging the internal structure.

We offer spray painting, polishing and cleaning processes which are intensively developed and researched by The Radiance Furniture Cleaning Technology. We offer wood polishing services by use of sand sealer, melamine matt finishes and glossy finishes. High quality scratch resistance and oil resistant polishing services is used by us.

3 way cleaning and restoration process

At Radiance space solutions furniture Polishing Services Delhi and Sofa Cleaning Serviceswe have a special 3-way cleaning and restoration process that effectively immunise your furniture against loss of beauty and sanctity.

Intense scrubbing and deep vacuuming

In this process, attempt is made to remove surface level dust along with deep seated dirt. This process is executed by trained professionals wielding specially formulated brushes and soft nozzlevacuums clean away all the dirt and grime on the surface of the sofa/ furniture.

Steam sterilisation

In this process, steam is used at 140 degree Celsius to destroy all possible microbial life and any pathogens that might have fed on the accumulated dirt. These microorganisms pollute the air and cause more than 150 different kind of diseases. Steam sterilisation is a revolutionary technology that sanctifies your home.

Fabric protecting agent Application

In this process a layer of dirt repelling liquid is inserted between the upholstery and environment. Any stain or dirt is unable to penetrate and harm the furniture and the future cleaning processes become easier.

We are genuinely interested in making sure that you enjoy the beauty and comfort of your furniture for a long time which is why each cleaning visit by our team is followed by a furniture care advice session. Our crew members of furniture Polishing Services Delhishare helpful tips, important advice and guide you on maintaining your furniture better. In case, your furniture needs refurbishing and repair, we do that too provided the furniture is in a condition to be refurbished.

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Radiance provides professional Deep Cleaning, Furniture enhancement and Upholstery cleaning, Floor enhancement, fabric protection and paint treatment services to corporates, premium residences and commercial establishments through solutions based on technology, industry insight and customization.

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List of Services are Deep Cleaning, Floor Enhancement, Furniture Enhancement & Upholstery Cleaning, Fabric Protection Treatment, Paint Treatment. Our team uses high grade cleaning products and tools to deeply clean environments for optimal results.

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