A special program conceived with unusual attention to revive and restore the look & shine of your office and to breathe in a fresh dose of pride and productivity at your workplace. Radiance Space Solutions is committed to making your office cleaner, healthier, happier. We combine technology, industry insight and customisation to revive and restore the look and shine of your office. So that not only will your workplace become more hygienic, but you will also experience the fresh energy of pride and productivity among your people. Radiance customises service packages to meet all your facility maintenence needs.

Deep Cleaning

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Deep CleaningRadiance’s exclusive deep cleaning services aim to identify, target and sanitise all spaces and items of your premises with attention to detail, making them clean, safe and pleasant for occupants and visitors

Deep CleaningAll the critical points that are vulnerable to contamination by germs, are given special attention and care

Deep CleaningGiven the extreme weather and dust-polluted environment in most parts of India, we have formally defined our standard operating protocols, and incorporated them in our unique 3S Deep Cleaning Process for servicing each item of your facility with upmost attention and precision

Deep CleaningWhile servicing your facility, we adhere to internationally followed best practices for hygienic cleaning, using the most advanced cleaning machines and tools from Germany and Italy. All our services are highly intensive as compared to general housekeeping, and they are performed by highly trained professionals

Deep CleaningThis service not only cleans and sanitises, but also breathes life into each item of your facility, making them almost as good as new

Deep Cleaning

3 S Deep Cleaning Process

Deep CleaningRadiance has developed a unique 3S Deep Cleaning Process whichis designed to service each item in your premises in three steps, to enhance its life and visual glory

Office CleaningScrub – This includes preliminary dry dusting and cleansing to remove the top layer of dirt and dust mites from the surface of the item.

Office CleaningSanitise – Special cleaning agents are applied using micro-fine dusters to intrinsically disinfect the item from germ contaminations and pathogenic microbes, while simultaneously extending its life.

Office CleaningShine – Finally, a top layer of polish is applied to the item and then buffed to enhance its visual beauty.

Office Cleaning Our floor enhancement services revive and restore the natural beauty of your flooring and eradicate all traces of dirt and germs from its surface.

Office CleaningFloors of any office premises suffer from damage and stains due to high traffic of staff and visitors; invisible to the naked eye, dust and germs get inside the premises through their footwear.

Office CleaningIf not identified and addressed on a regular basis, germs and dust particles can lead to various health-related problems for the occupants of the office

Office CleaningBasic vacuuming and mopping by in-house housekeeping teams are unable to treat these stains and germs; this is due to lack of knowledge and training, advanced equipment, specialised cleaning agents

Office CleaningTo service this need for carpet & upholstery cleaning services, in addition to any hard floor maintenance, we provide two engagement models – one-off service as well as restorative programmes that are contract-based and periodically scheduled

Office CleaningEach type of floor surface is uniquely serviced by highly trained experts to cleanse the surface from within, and enhance its beauty

Office CleaningFor hard flooring such as tiles, marble, granite and wooden floors we have developed a special 3 stage cleaning treatment that is extended to your premium flooring. This is performed using automated machinery and advanced tools to intrinsically remove all traces of dust, scratches, stains and marks from the surface and provides it a mirror-like shining finish to the floor.

Office CleaningFor soft flooring such as carpets, we have a variety of cleaning procedures available to choose from, depending upon the type, condition, and spaceof the soft flooring,while simultaneously accommodating the time constraints. All treatments ensure optimum results with a quick drying time and even distribution of cleaning agents throughout the floor surface. Stains and spots are given special attention through our unique spotting technique. Moreover,all treatments are extended using specialized cleaning equipment and governing protocols to eradicate all traces of dirt and dust completely, thereby restoring the original look,color and grace of the carpet.

Home Cleaning There are a few items on your premises that require special attention – high-end furniture and fittings that are made with high quality materials such as leather, suede, marble, special woods. There could also be delicate items like imported chairs, sofas, tables etc.

Home CleaningSuch items require special cleaning agents and machinery along with sensitive handling by the service crew as they intensively sanitise and uplift the visual appeal.

Home CleaningCompanies make significant capex on furniture, but due to excessive or improper use, these items age fast, and need replacement. Our service has been designed to enhance the look and life of your furniture, so you can avoid the need for replacement.

Home CleaningAfter scrubbing and stain removal, we apply a thin layer of special polish (depending upon the material surface) which is then evenly spread, and an automated hand buffing machine with special pads is used at high speed to enhance the shine.

Home CleaningTo service this need for carpet & upholstery Radiance’s unique injection-extraction cleaning process and deep scrubbing helps eradicate all dust mites, sweat and other stains, and germs. Then a low pressure upholstery vacuum is used to extract the cleaning residue and rapidly dries the fabric. This restores the original glory of the product, making it as beautiful as new.

Home CleaningHome Cleaning Fabric items at our workplace and home such as chairs, sofas, storage cabinets often suffer spillages and stains.

Home CleaningThis not only looks bad, but it also shortens the life of these items, and turns them into a breeding ground for germs and infections.

Home CleaningAt homes, common spillages by kids or body sweat and hair of pets leave germs and stains on your precious seating and items and convert them into a breathing ground for infection.

Home CleaningThis treatment begins with preliminary scrubbing and vaccuming of your fabric items. This is followed by steam sterilization process, which disseminates steam on the fabric at 140 degree Celsius to eradicate all traces of pathogenic microbes and organisms.

Home CleaningTo conclude, we apply a special fabric protection agent that creates an invisible layer of liquid and dirt repellent over the cloth. So any liquid on contact with the surface of the fabric is unable to penetrate it and it can then easily be wiped off without leaving any stain.

Home CleaningSimilarly, all dust and dirt particles collect over the surface of the fabrics and are unable to penetrate past this protective layer, making it extremely easy to wipe them off.

Home CleaningOnce this special treatment is executed by our experts, it leaves your fabric items and furniture looking beautiful and new throughout their natural life, while continuing to protect them.

Home Cleaning Radiance’s paint treatment focuses on re-coating the top layer of paint on your plain walls to instantly add gleam and shine to your premises.

Home CleaningThis treatment is performed in record time by experts and significantly enhances the visual appeal of your facility.

Home CleaningIn this 3-stage process, walls of the premises are audited in terms of size and colour. Then we use a computer-generated colour code to ensure an exact shade match. Finally, paint is applied with great care by our trained crew to ensure the highest standards of finish.

Home CleaningDuring application of paint, extra attention is focused on reducing spillages and waste. Transparent plastic sheets are placed below the wall being painted, to avoid paint from spilling and staining the floor and carpet.

Home CleaningSafety is given paramount concern and all painters are turned out in professional uniform with safety gear such as safety glasses, face masks and shoe covers.

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