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Give your Office a Proper Cleaning Treatment

Cleaning is considered one of the most important factors for creating a positive ambiance in the workplace. Majority of agencies prefer keeping their office flawless as it offers great hygiene to the employees and helps to improve the productivity. A clean and attractive office building is the face of every company. Improvements and daily cleaning […]

Hygiene Habits to Bollywood

Being clean is essential, both personally as well as a part of the society. Personal hygiene comes ?rst followed by your surroundings. But quite often, laziness comes in our way between cleanliness. How do we overcome that? How about some inspiration from our own Bollywood stars. How clean are our stars really, in their real […]

A Necessity Called Cleanliness

Did you know that several deadly diseases such as Malaria, Dengue or even Chicken Pox can be prevented just by maintaining clean surroundings? Did you know that 30% of the deaths happening in the world is due to unclean areas and surroundings? Such is the importance of leading a clean and healthy life in today’s […]